Introduction to Map Reading

HI Folks,

This Week

First an apology, had a typo in last week’s date in the email

This week our online Teams meeting is an introduction to map reading. We will be completing our Theory training online due to Covid restrictions at present.

Please note that if you are intending to take part in ANY level of expedition in 2022 you are required to complete the Theory training, with a minimum of 80% attendance during the online sessions.

Have a Note book and pen available during the sessions and we will also be supplying a workbook which will need to be returned completed during the sessions.

26th January, Starting 7:30pm –                                           

Teams Link :-

Microsoft Teams meeting

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Please note that sessions may be recorded for Child Protection and / or GDPR

Online Teams Meetings

To Join us on Teams you can download it free from here You can also join via a web browser using the weekly email link.

If you can, please join us using a Desktop / laptop or tablet to get the best experience of what is being presented on screen.

If you have a camera please set it up, we will be using small breakout rooms for group discussions and activities.

One-to- One Bookings

We offer one-to-one bookings  after next week if you are stuck or need help you can book a 20 minute one-to-one session using the link In your email

When you book a session you will get a confirmation email with a teams link, please make sure you fill the booking form in fully.

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