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HI Folks,

We are back this week, Wednesday 25th January 2023, 7:30 to 9PM

We are going to be reviewing your progress on the eDofE and helping you have a progress plan for the next few months.

Make sure your eDofE has been updated and all your current section and evidence sent for approval over the next week

Please ensure that you have your eDofE username and password with you or that you have access to the eDofE app on your Mobile Device.

Following this we will be commencing our expedition training.

Remember that if you wish to be included in the Summer expeditions an attendance of 80% is required.

One-to- One Bookings

We offer one-to-one bookings  after next week if you are stuck or need help you can book a 20 minute one-to-one session using the link in your email

When you book a session you will get a confirmation email with a teams link, please make sure you fill the booking form in fully.

Keep in touch

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