Terms & Conditions

  • I will inform the Warehouse Open Centre if there are any changes to my child’s health as stated on the Medical Form. Please note that a separate Medical Form will be required for each outdoor activity session.
  • I will inform the Warehouse Open Centre if there are any changes to address or contact details
  • If I or my nominee, cannot be contacted in an emergency the Co-ordinator or Leaders in charge have my consent to arrange for medical treatment. In the event of emergency, accident or illness I give permission for first aid or medical treatment to be administered by a suitably qualified first aider or medical practitioner .
  • The Warehouse Open Centre will communicate to participants / parents / guardians via e-mail, text and post. All data will be used only in accordance with the data protection act / GDRP and not transferred to other organisations, you have a right to have your details removed from the mailing list at any stage.
  • I have read Child Protection Policy Statement and I will co-operate with the Warehouse Open Centre staff in its implementation and enforcement. Full copies of our policies can be obtained on request

I give permission for my young person to use Warehouse Open Centre computer equipment, including the DofE website, facebook, email etc according to Warehouse Open Centre policies and procedures. 

When you first sign in to eDofE you will be asked to record some personal details such as your contact details, ethnicity and personal circumstances along with details of any medical needs you may have. This data is used to enable your Leaders to support you doing your DofE programme and for the DofE’s statistical and reporting purposes. You will always have a ‘prefer not to say’ option.


I agree to enrol as a participant on a DofE programme.  I understand that I will be managing my programme using the online eDofE system.  I acknowledge that this system has a set of terms and conditions that I agree to.  These terms and conditions are available at www.eDofE.org

  • I understand that any fees payable in relation to the Award are not refundable under any circumstances.
  • I agree to my son / daughter / ward doing a DofE programme. I note that it is my responsibility to check that any activity my son / daughter / ward undertakes for their DofE programme is appropriately managed and insured, unless the activity is directly managed or organised by their DofE Centre or Licensed Organisation.

Acknowledgement of Risk:

I understand that the activities to be undertaken may be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding and as such my child, for whom I am responsible, should be free of any mental, medical and/or physical conditions that may create undue risk to them or other members of the group. If in doubt I will seek medical advice prior to their participation in any activity and inform the Warehouse Open Centre leaders.

I understand that, even under the safest conditions, outdoor activities have a number of inherent risks and hazards that are beyond the control of the instructional staff. I understand that every care and attention will be given to the health, safety and well being of participants but that the Warehouse Open Centre and its leaders cannot be held responsible for any injuries or illness sustained due to my child’s negligence or which were not directly caused by their failure to take due care.

I agree that my child will comply by the safety rules and regulations set herein and by the Warehouse Open Centre leaders and to inform them of any situation that may be a danger or potential danger either to my child or their co-participants. I agree that my child’s participation in the activity is voluntary and that I have read and understand the above statements. The information I have provided about my child’s medical history is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

(reviewed June 2023)